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28 Apr, 2022
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Your Guide To Home Theatre Lighting

For those looking to invoke the magic of the cinema at home, mastering the perfect home theatre lighting is a must – but what are your options? 

Quite frankly, who doesn’t love going to the movies? With the comfortable lounge chairs, popcorn, blacked out rooms and of course the big screen itself, it’s an experience that can be difficult to replicate at home in front of the television. 

For those feeling up to the task of creating a home cinema in the comforts of their own abode, the good news is that it’s actually not as difficult a task as many would have you believe – providing that you don’t take too many shortcuts. Like it or not, little things like soundproofing and home theatre lighting can make or break your DIY cinematic experience. 

Five Types Of Home Theatre Lighting 

For some, the motivation of creating a home cinema lies in the luxury and comforts of having a movie theatre in their own home. For others, ongoing lockdowns and social distancing restrictions meant that some Aussies were not able to take a trip to the cinema for more than a year. Whatever your logic is, bringing your own home cinema to life is surely never a bad thing. 

When we think of the perfect media room, home theatre lighting is not something that often generates a lot of excitement, as it’s usually the screen itself that gets all of the attention. However, did you know that having a pitch-black room while watching television or projector screens can actually cause strain to your eyes and head? 

As such, nailing the perfect home theatre lighting can make or break your cinematic experience. However, you don’t want it to be too bright in this space, so opting for a dimmable lighting feature is a must. Thankfully, there’s still plenty of options to choose from, and homeowners are encouraged to mix and match based on their own personal preferences. 

Overhead Lighting – At some point, the film will finish and you’ll need to navigate your way out of your home theatre. Overhead lighting should be the main source of light for such a space, but they should be dimmable to avoid any bright Iight strains. Recessed lighting is usually the most popular choice as they are regarded as somewhat inconspicuous. 

Wall Sconces – For the unfamiliar, a sconce is a type of light fixture that is attached to the wall and only uses the wall for support. The light is generally directed up or down, but not outwards, making them a perfect addition as a complimentary form of home theatre lighting. Depending on your personal taste, they can even be left on during the film as they don’t wash out the screen. 

LED Light Strips – Although by no means a necessary form of home theatre lighting, opting for LED light strips is a popular way to replicate that special feeling of going to the cinema. As an accent piece, they can be used to light pathways on the floor around seating, used to frame screens or even to highlight ceilings as a cosmetic feature. 

Fibre Optic Lighting – For those who truly want to add the wow factor to their home theatre lighting, fibre optic formats provide the star effect often seen in high end theatre room ceilings and cinemas. It utilises optical fibre – flexible fibre made of glass or plastic – to transmit light from a light source to a remote location.

Seat Side Lamps – As a helpful and easily accessible light source for when you need to find the remote or duck out to the bathroom, seat side lamps are a nice addition if you have end tables on each side of the chairs in your home theatre. Although extremely affordable and easy to install, they’re not really necessary if you already have wall sconces or LED strips on the floor. 

Like any major home renovation, bringing the perfect home cinema to life often requires a little help from a licensed professional to master electrical wiring. Thankfully, the good news is that the team at Shield Electrical are on hand to ensure your home theatre lighting performs at it’s best, and feels just like taking a trip to the cinema. 

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