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21 Apr, 2022
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Why You Should Install Air Con In Winter

Although the process may sound counterproductive, the perks of opting to install air con during the coldest months of the year might just surprise you. 

While Queensland has a reputation for being beautiful one day and perfect the next, many new arrivals often get a harsh reality check once summer arrives. The days and associated temperatures can change in a matter of hours, and quickly alternate between large scale thunderstorms to month-long heatwaves. As such, owning an air conditioner as a Queensland resident is almost a non-negotiable.

As most of us know, an air conditioner is a system that is used to cool down a space by removing heat from the area in question and moving it elsewhere outdoors. In turn, the cool air can then be moved throughout a building through ventilation, and allows users to essentially control the temperature in the room where the air conditioner is positioned. 

However, air conditioners also have the power to warm a space as well. While this isn’t anywhere near as in demand as the cooling function in the Sunshine State, it’s for this exact reason that choosing to install air con in winter is a no brainer. 

Three Reasons To Install Air Con During Winter 

If you’ve left buying your air conditioner until summer, this last minute style of shopping means that it’s often too late to reap the benefits. This period is hands down the busiest time for installations, so it will likely be more difficult to book an HVAC professional to come to your home. In addition, nobody likes the thought of sweltering through a Queensland heatwave while you’re forced to wait. 

The alternative is to install air con during winter. Depending on where you live in the state, winter can mean anything from stacking up the fireplace to still being able to swim in the ocean during the day. Although access to an air conditioner isn’t often the priority, opting to install an air con during the nation’s coldest months does have some pretty hot perks. 

It’s Cost Effective – Like anything, air conditioner installation prices are often about supply and demand. While summer is considered to be the peak season for new systems and upgrades to existing ones, air con technicians are far more likely to offer off peak discounts or have better deals during the winter months. 

Shorter Wait Times – For those considering an air conditioner upgrade or new installation during the year’s coldest months, one of the major perks is smaller wait times. In addition, consumers can also expect greater flexibility to work around the busy schedules of your household’s residents, meaning you can work with your tradie to pick a time that best suits. 

Ready For Summer – The early bird will usually get the worm, and the same goes for people who have their cooling systems in place for summer. While your friends, family and neighbours may be sweltering through the first heatwaves and face longer wait times for a new air con unit, your household will already be sitting pretty knowing that you beat the rush. 

When comparing your options on the different types of air conditioners on offer, most residential shoppers opt for a reverse cycle split system. Not all split systems are reverse cycle air conditioners as some split systems only have a cooling mode, while reverse cycle systems offer both heating and cooling functions. 

To avoid purchasing a unit that isn’t right for you or your home’s needs, it’s always a good idea to consult with the professionals before you start shopping. Regardless of whether you need the help of a licensed air conditioning electrician for residential, commercial or even industrial purposes, the good news is that the team at Shield Electrical are on hand to ensure your air con unit performs at it’s best. 

Where To Get Advice On All Things Electrical 

Here at Shield Electrical, we are a Brisbane based electrical contracting company, and pride ourselves on being shockingly good at watt we do. For us, friendly and reliable customer service isn’t just a nice add on – it’s how we do business. Don’t take our word for it though, just ask our clients

Established in 2015, Shield Electrical is lighting the way when it comes to providing electrical work with world class customer service. With our headquarters based in the central suburban pocket of Coorparoo, our team of qualified industry professionals are readily available to deliver quality workmanship, fast quotes, and affordable pricing.

Whether you’re on the hunt for an electrician for domestic services, residential, commercial and industrial construction, security systems or even just further energy saving tips, get in touch with us at Shield today to source practical solutions that don’t break the bank.