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20 Apr, 2022
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Four Smart Home Safety Tips To Follow

While the concept of a smart home is very much on the rise here in the Land Down Under, what sort of safety precautions do these types of dwellings require?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, the phrase ‘smart home’ refers to a domestic arrangement where appliances and devices can be automatically controlled from anywhere – all you need is internet access via a mobile phone or other device. While the term covers some pretty big ideas, the general gist of these new age abodes is all about increased home automation and improved energy efficiency. 

Thanks to rapid fire advancements in technology, just about all of our electronic devices have powered ahead in terms of what they can do, and home automation is no exception. While history tells us that we humans are known to be big fans of convenience, it’s important that a smart home doesn’t skimp on safety precautions – particularly types that are unique to advanced technology. 

Safety Precautions To Consider For A Smart Home 

While smart home technologies are used for the automation of many household functions, such as climate control, entertainment devices and appliances, and even implementing energy efficiencies, a big attraction of smart homes is their home security. 

However, protecting your smart home from unwelcome visitors now goes far beyond the traditional forms of burglary, as residents also need to take precautions linked to cyber safety as well. From your birthday to your credit card details, smart home devices can hold a treasure trove of personal information, so it’s crucial to take steps to protect this sensitive information.  

Two Factor Authentication – Many devices used in a smart home can collect and store information on your usage, habits, and preferences – either on the device or on the network. While passwords offer a level of protection against any information leaks, enable two factor authentication to double up on cyber safety whenever possible. 

Change Up Passwords – One of the most effective ways to protect personal information online is to be smart with your passwords. Aim for long tail phrases that include numbers and special characters, and avoid anything like addresses or nicknames that would be considered easy to guess as a third party. In addition, be sure to change the default password on new devices. 

Custom Voice Control – If you are one of the thousands of Australians that have voice activated devices such as smart speakers, change the alert word from “OK Google” or “Hey Alexa” to a phrase that only you and your family know. Although it’s one of the less common smart home security tips, this way an intruder won’t be able to use your system.

Update Your Software – Although we’re all guilty of ignoring software update alerts on our devices, doing so for the appliances in your smart home is a must. Instead, buy from reputable brands that make security a top priority, and then set them to update automatically when new software is available. This way, you’ll have the latest security patches. 

One of the great benefits that smart homes present is limited physical access for intruders, and overall home security. Having a remotely controlled locking system removes the need to copy keys or leave a spare one under the doormat. Not only can they help you to manage access not just for family members, but also for trusted services, such as domestic cleaners or house sitters. 

However, you shouldn’t invest in technology like this for the sake of it, as every home should have a different approach when it comes to systems that best suit your lifestyle. Having access to an industry professional who is able to not only listen to your preferences, but to turn them into an action plan can be invaluable – but where do you find such a specialist?

Sourcing Further Advice On Smart Home Systems 

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