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If you’re on the look-out for a residential electrician who’s locally based in Brisbane, the good news is that Shield Electrical have got you covered.

Residential Electrical Services

Just about all the major perks of living the way we do today stems from electricity. However, sometimes things go wrong, break, need an upgrade or simply aren’t functioning the way that it’s supposed to. More often than not, it’s at this point that homeowners will require the services of a residential electrician who can take care of these types of issues. From appliance installation, air-conditioning and even energy saving solutions, Shield are here to assist. 

  • Ceiling Fans
  • Lighting
  • Switchboard Upgrades
  • Power Points
  • Air Conditioning
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Smoke Alarms
  • TV Installation & Antennas
  • Home Wiring
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Wiring Replacement
  • Oven And Cooktop


Ceiling Fan Installation

As an affordable alternative to an air conditioning unit, having ceiling fans in your Queensland home, office or workplace is a non-negotiable if you hope to survive summer. With both indoor and outdoor options available, a residential electrician can help with new installations, replacement options or even double checking wiring faults if required. 



As most of us already know, your choice of home lighting can affect the ambience and mood of a room or entire home. Get it right and the whole look of your interiors will improve, but get it wrong, and you’ll quite literally be in the dark. Thankfully, a residential electrician can help with upgrades if your existing lighting is channelling a less than desirable look. 


Switchboard Upgrades 

Domestic switchboards are the heart of any home’s electricity, and more or less function as the control centre. An old or worn out switchboard is a much higher risk for fires and electric shocks, so a residential electrician can help with both new installations and replacements as a means to keep your home and your family safe. 


Hot Water Systems

If you’ve made the decision to go for an electrical hot water system over a gas one, then a residential electrician can help you to install it, replace an existing one, or even provide assistance with diagnosing any potential issues that may need a repair. Electric systems come in a wide range of capacity sizes, and a good sparky can help with them all. 


Power Point Installation

Is there anything more frustrating than not having enough power points in a new or existing home, or not having them in the right positions? This is a common gripe for many people who live in older homes, which usually have a shortage of power points and the existing ones often only have one socket. Thankfully, it’s a relatively easy fix. 


Smoke Alarms

A professionally installed, modern and functional smoke alarm system could save your life, and the legislation enforced in each Australian state and territory is a reflection of this. To ensure that your smoke alarm systems are in working order and have been serviced according to code, a residential electrician can help save you time and energy in doing so. 


Air Conditioning

If you don’t have the time or the energy to clean your aircon filter yourself, then the good news is that an electrical professional is able to take care of this for you. Air conditioners should ideally receive a full service at least once a year, and a residential electrician can help you complete these tasks as well as replacements, repairs and installations. 


TV Installation And Antennas

While poor television reception is often linked to a faulty outlet, frequently plugging one in and removing it again is also a common culprit, and can happen in rental properties and office spaces. If you need help installing new television outlets, antennas or even wall mounting your new flat screen, a residential electrician should be your go-to. 


Oven and Cooktop Installation

Often regarded as the heart of any kitchen, your oven and cooktop station can influence the quality of the meals that you opt to make. If your oven, cooktop or range hood is on the fritz, contact your local sparky to make sure it’s not a minor repair before shelling out for a new replacement.


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Even in the Land Down Under, electric vehicles are on the rise. However, owning one also means having an electric vehicle charging station at home, and some EV charging points will lose their warranty if not installed by a certified electrician. Not every sparky has experience with this though, so make sure that you do your research first

Here at Shield Electrical, we are a Brisbane based electrical contracting company who pride ourselves on being shockingly good at watt we do. Contact us today on (07) 3060 0441 or request a quote below for all your electrical needs.