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Partnering with the right Brisbane industrial electrician can be a game changer when it comes to your electrical needs.

Why Choose Shield Electrical

Depending on skill area, industry and job focus, there are different types of electricians catering to either residential, commercial or industrial needs. In Queensland, a Brisbane industrial electrician is commonly deployed at industrial sites, car manufacturers, robotics enterprises, steel producers, plants, factories and large electrical firms, and they are a crucial addition for keeping an industrial operation running smoothly, and of course, safely.

An industrial electrician carries out a wide variety of tasks in these settings, but along with the basics, the primary focus is generally on hydraulic, pneumatic, and other types of operative machinery. This type of sparky has usually received specialist training to work in these types of industries, and is usually quite skilled in navigating robotics as well. While no two days as an industrial electrician are ever quite the same, standard tasks commonly performed by them include the following

  • Switchboard design and maintenance
  • Routine safety switch testing
  • Routine emergency lighting testing
  • On-site tests and tags
  • Data communication, audio and visual
  • Surge diverters and surge protection
  • Generalised preventative maintenance works
  • Switchboard labelling, circuit tracing and identification
  • Project Management
  • Automation and control, motors and machinery
  • New installations
  • Electric motor servicing
  • Thermal scanning
  • Auto doors and safety shutters
  • Emergency call out services
  • Finding faults and conducting repair work
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Ultimately, the fundamental basics linked to the work conducted by an industrial electrician is the same as a standard one – safety comes first. However, the primary point of difference is that the role involves more specialised work, on larger scale sites and machinery. Any given day usually involves installing, maintaining, testing, and repairing electrical equipment such as motors, generators, and associated electrical and electronic controls in industrial settings. On top of that, they also need to observe the relevant local, state, and national electrical-code regulations that pertain to their work. 

As such, it’s understandable why businesses do their research when it comes to enlisting an industrial electrician that is suitably qualified with experience to boot – but where do you find one?

Sourcing A Brisbane Industrial Electrician

For clients on the hunt for services provided by a Brisbane industrial electrician, we offer specialist installation, testing, maintenance, and hardwired, interconnected upgrades to ensure that safety comes first on every job site, along with ensuring that industrial solutions also offer the highest possible efficiency as well.

Our team of dedicated and energetic electrical industry professionals are committed to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction possible.

Here at Shield Electrical, we are a Brisbane based electrical contracting company, and pride ourselves on being shockingly good at watt we do. For us, friendly and reliable customer service isn’t just a nice add on – it’s how we do business.