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If you’re on the hunt for a sparky to help you with the tech side of the business in Brisbane, then you’re going to need a data and communications electrician.

The Role of a Data and Communications Electrician

Unless you’ve quite literally been hiding under a rock, it’s no secret that internet access is all but essential when it comes to navigating the world we live in. Particularly relevant considering the events we’ve seen unfold over the last two years, we’re living in a digital age where we can work, shop, play and even socialise online. 

As such, losing internet access, or having a connection that’s either unstable or too unreliable can be almost catastrophic for both individuals and businesses alike. These days, having a functional, efficient and well designed data and communications system is a must, but certain pieces of hardware and equipment are required in order to do so – and this is when the help of a reputable and experienced data and communications electrician can be a game changer.

Many of us are guilty of making the assumption that electricians can undertake the role of telecommunications technicians – when many do not know the distinction between the different trades within the electrical industry. While a communications technician can help customers with the ins and outs of the actual products, a data and communications electrician quite literally gets into the nitty gritty of the installation, maintenance and repair of the relevant tech gear required. 

A data and communications electrician primarily deals with electrical services for the residential and commercial market inclusive of installations, repairs and maintenance of electrical equipment and facilities. As a general rule, this usually includes the following. 

  • Network and data cabling installation such as fibre optics 
  • Electrical wiring maps and fault finding 
  • Install interior power points if required 
  • Working around existing wiring for air cons and lighting 
  • Designing and executing a full scale electrical plan
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The design provided by a licensed electrician must be properly planned out and executed from day one, so that the required power or voltages would be supplied to the necessary parts of the commercial or residential building that is being worked on.

In a nutshell, a qualified data and communications electrician can provide comprehensive communications and data cabling services that include consultation, design, installation and project management for complete voice and data networks and systems, structured cabling systems, including voice, data and fibre optics and fibre optic solutions using multi mode and single mode carrying out terminations, splicing and testing.

Both residential and commercial customers essentially partner with an electrical architect, who can help them to make a plan from inception that’s best suited for their own individual needs or performance requirements. As a bonus, should the customer wish to upgrade systems further down the track, the communications electrician is able to do so without the need to enlist the help of other trades or technicians, making them a “one stop shop” for all things data and network related. 

Ultimately, the fundamental basics linked to the work conducted by a data and communications electrician is the same as a standard one – safety comes first. However, the primary point of difference is that the role involves more specialised work, along with more customised electrical work involved. As such, it’s understandable why both individuals and businesses do their research when it comes to enlisting a data and communications electrician that is suitably qualified with experience to boot – but where do you find one?

Always Hire a Professionals

For clients on the hunt for services provided by a Brisbane data and communications electrician, we offer specialist installation, testing, maintenance, and hardwired, interconnected upgrades to ensure that safety comes first for every business and household, along with ensuring that we provide electrical solutions that also offer the highest possible efficiency as well.

Our team of dedicated and energetic electrical industry professionals are committed to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction possible.

Here at Shield Electrical, we are a Brisbane based electrical contracting company, and pride ourselves on being shockingly good at watt we do. For us, friendly and reliable customer service isn’t just a nice add on – it’s how we do business.