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01 Mar, 2022
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Commercial Electrician vs Industrial Electrician

If you need help with your power and are trying to find the right tradie, what’s the difference between a commercial electrician and an industrial electrician?

Affectionately known throughout Australia as sparkies, electricians design, assemble, install, test, commission, diagnose, maintain and repair electrical networks, systems, circuits, equipment, components, appliances and facilities for industrial, commercial and domestic purposes, along with servicing and repairing lifts, escalators and related equipment.

Needless to say, becoming an electrician in the Land Down Under is no easy feat. Like many of the other trades, the qualification process involves completing a four year apprenticeship through trade school, as well as on the ground experience to ensure that the prospect electrician in question has what it takes to safely get the job done. 

Since working with electricity can be a dangerous business, further training is required to specialise as an industrial electrician or a commercial electrician. However, many people make the mistake of assuming that the two roles are one in the same, so what are the primary points of difference?

The Differences Between Industrial And Commercial Electricians

Depending on skill area, industry and job focus, there are different types of electricians catering to either residential, commercial or industrial needs. Needless to say, it’s important to choose an electrician who is competent and has plenty of experience in the type of work that you need to have performed to ensure that it’s both up to scratch, and that you’re not overpaying for the service.

While residential electricians will typically work in domestic properties like a customer’s home, a commercial electrician focuses on business style environments. A typical day in the life of a commercial sparky involves providing electrical repair, maintenance and safety checks for offices, retail stores and other related workplaces. Commercial electricians can also design, plan and diagram electrical systems specific to the workplace’s needs, along with the conduits of pipes or tubing outlined by local electrical codes. 

As the needs of commercial customers are vast, a commercial sparky will often deal directly with a business owner, site manager or even a builder to ensure that any installation, repair or maintenance work conducted is customised to the specific needs of the operation. Typically, a commercial sparky can be found working on site at medium to large brands and businesses such as shopping centres, hospitality venues, high rises, government buildings and commercial office spaces. 


In comparison, an industrial electrician is commonly deployed at industrial sites, car manufacturers, robotics enterprises, steel producers, plants, factories and large electrical firms, and they are a crucial addition for keeping an industrial operation running smoothly, and of course, safely. While these are still regarded as commercial environments, the primary point of difference is that the role involves more specialised work, on larger scale sites and machinery. 

An industrial electrician carries out a wide variety of tasks in these settings, but along with the basics, the primary focus is generally on hydraulic, pneumatic, and other types of operative machinery. This type of sparky has usually received specialist training to work in these types of industries, and is usually quite skilled in navigating robotics as well.

Any given day usually involves installing, maintaining, testing, and repairing electrical equipment such as motors, generators, and associated electrical and electronic controls in industrial settings. On top of that, they also need to observe the relevant local, state, and national electrical-code regulations that pertain to their work. 

When determining whether you need the services of a commercial or industrial electrician, the type of industry or sector that your brand or business operates in will usually dictate the answer. However, if you’re unsure, it’s always worth double checking upon your first inquiry, and a reputable operator will point you in the right direction. 

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